All of the Above

All of the Above

(A list of [almost] everything)

Acrylic, spray enamel and oil stick on canvas.

2.1 metres x 4.2 metres, 2017.

During my daily commute to the studio at fortyfivedownstairs I started making notes regarding the ideas, inspiration and influence behind the new work. This is the result:

A list of [almost] everything:

Art, life, love, death, immortality and a respectable haircut, The Glitch Mob, Dubuffet; the real mr art, parenthood, fear, family, home, mother is god, heart, Miro, circles, lines, houses, fluro, slow and steady, skulls, change [in the house of flies], brushes (weapon of choice), a little devil, a lot of love, the marks we leave behind, drips, drops, daydreams, straight lines, masking tape, more tape, paint lids, flipped lids, paint skins, leftovers born again; reprise, evolution and afterthoughts, Sansom, figures, Kitaj, abstract, thoughts, theories (no conspiracies), contradictions, Basquiat, most middle aged kings get their hair cut off, crowns, and veneers, chitter chatter doesn’t matter, Stuck Mojo, see none, hear none, speak none; evil monkeys, hold your tongue, hold your breath, count to ten, fall apart, start again, Placebo, fix everything, destroy nothing, reverse, verses on versus, flailing appendages, no step, wrong step, dub step, two left feet, shuffle shuffle, rabble rabble, bitch bitch, let it go, frozen, ice axe, pick [your] axe, crescent moon, the girl who climbed a mountain, not impressed?, no time, (for) self doubt, derived from failure, self portrait, edit, EDit, ego, envy, process, princess (warrior), everything everything, Underworld, movement, motion is commotion, momentum is key, turn, turned, corner, don’t cut corners, cut ties, cut and paste, contemporary leftovers, all that you can’t leave behind (but probably should), all that could have been (but never will be), not now, not ever, but yesterday, backwards to go forwards, somewhere we will meet, in the story of the story, endless zeros, dancing skeletons, landfill, logos, no logo, not weeks, nor months, but years, building blocks, block out, black out, paint out, rework, reverb, constant, consonant, buy a vowel, letters, words, lists, sentences, ideas, images, buy now, die later, sell your soul, make a record, Tool, device, saviour, teething, gold tooth, grin, and bare it, bare all, bare everything, everything in it’s right place, Radiohead, a head of his time, time to sleep, sweet dreams (are made of these), these times, them bones, skeletal, system, structure, construction, misconstrue, reconstruct, ride the spiral to the end, the end of the beginning, the beginning of the end, the death of the author, choose your own adventure, advent, event, calendar, synced, psych, psy, trance, dance, delight, towards the light, no strobe, a new generation, a new level, Pantera, rainbow, dots, iris, masks, towers, circuses and churches, this is my church, Faithless, less anxiety, more sleep, sleep with the fishes, little fish, big fish, cardboard box, boxed in, boxed up, shadow boxing, stepping through my shadow, a memory, a moment, a choice, yours to choose, yours to lose, nervous energy (still?), grow the fuck up, but please let her be a child forever, forever, forever ever?, Outkast, outsider, diamonds are forever, diamond eyes, the eyes have it, IT, Whiteley, white, lie, bit, bat, the bat attacks, nocturnal, alchemy, magic, midnight, moon vs sun, flip, words, records, rhymes, Sage, Francis, Bacon, beats, bruises, poets and prose, primed, unprimed, endure, embrace, alter, altar, worship, obey, oblong, squares, stripes, strips, trips, delayed, gratification, obsessive compulsive behaviour, in an orderly fashion, fashionable art, calaveras, a dead sun, the thieves, time thieves, time misrepresents, space, direction, desire, accomplishments, now hear this, that, and the other thing, and another thing, the door is ajar, the journey, the ride, riding with death, laughing with death, laughing at death, choose life, choose reality, reality check, check your self, before you, self destruct, destruction as a form of creation, destroy all your gods, as gods do, as god am, AM, PM, 24/7, no rest for the, wicked, ready to bring that noise, a lot of noise, white noise, black space, negative space, the beauty of grey, no shades, no shading, no shadows, shadow dancer, move, the movement of memory, footprints, patterns, points of departure, 3 points where two lines meet, tesselate, Alt-J, joint, join, entangle, crossed wires, crossed lines, lines crossed, boundaries pushed, new frontiers, front and centre, centred, level, level up, next level, ready player one?, controls, commands, demands, hands on, hands up, down, roller coaster, round, cycles, circles, so many circles, motif, metaphor, more, or less, amounts, a careful count, balanced, blended, before and after, all at once, all for you, for her, for me, for family, family values, increased value, valuation, fees, find, funds, a solid foundation, slab, frame, feet, foot, book, Seuss, steps, angles, planes, trains, and automobiles, movement mashes, mashed up, mixed in, Mix Master Mike, bolt, nuts, balls, blades, stencils, layers, limbs, direction, Beckman, 3’s, mad three, the dream, distractions, retractions, rerouting, calculating, measuring, mixing, remix, remember, remember, members only, the only way is through, through out, outside in and upside down, down but not out, out but not in, in like sin, all my sins remembered, forgotten queens, taste the queen, Mona Lisa lips, hips, bare feet, belly, beauty, in the eyes, behold, her, hold her, close, but no cigar, up in smoke, and mirrors, games, drawings, diagrams, 21 grams, pound, pounding, a flaming heart, sacred, and wired, scared and weird, connected; join the dots, more circles, sharks circle, sharp teeth, beneath, that which lies, a creative truth, trade, fade, resistant, resist, refuse, fuse, blown, bomb, tick, tick, tick, boom, doom, doomed, by desire, determination, marked in skin, flesh, goodness, greatness, great heights, high times, chimes, bells, toll, for whom?, unanswered questions and answers unquestioned, a quest, a challenge, a task, mask, face, the facts, the track, record, cut the cord, new creation, breathe just breathe, keep breathing, don’t lose your nerve, phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, idiot, slow down, down and around, round for round, pound for pound, contender?, return to sender, address, unknown, for now, and then, what then, who then now, now, now, now, grace, Buckley, buckles, graceless, Interpol, intergalactic planetary, Beast (ie), Boys, will be boys, toys, traps, straps, strips, rips, shreds, skin, kin, king, as king be safe he thinks, while the jester dances and deceives, jokes on, me, you, and everyone we know, know thy self, thy enemy, and good grammar, grammatically speaking, systematically, politically, incorrect, but poignant, eloquent, queens quackeroo, too, few, and far, in between, books, hooks, hook, line and sinker, caught, taught, lesson, learned, him good, good grief, loss, lost, lost in the shadow, of a dead sun, sun comes up, sun goes down, revolutions, revisions, decisions decisions, decisive action, act now, act ii, exit stage left, painting left handed, limbs, limber, lumber, slumber, numbered, cull, Cullen, 20/20 vision, and murals with metaphors, Rage Against The Machine, machinations, misrepresented again, circular not linear, motion, motive, emotive, ecommerce, commercial enterprise, versus, creative endeavour, verses on versus, sing it, swing it, swing batter swing, swagger, stagger, dagger, dug, dig, your own, grave, decision, granted, grant, rant, rave, riddle, fiddle, fidget, with things, stuff, that matters, Larwill, will imposed, imposition, position one’s self, shelf, shadow figures, Smart, choice, chase, haste, halt, fault, finder, winder, wonder woman, uber, rubber, arm, hand, two hands, hands tied, too?, too much, too soon, sooner or later, multiple, options, choice, choose, circle, all of the above…

to be continued…???

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